My Sign Collection

It took me a while to realize that I enjoy collecting signs as much as, and in some ways, more than, collecting signals.  My favorite signs to collect are old highway shields, guidepost signs, place markers, and so forth, especially from New Jersey and New York City. I also like regulation signs like STOP or KEEP RIGHT that are antiquated or in some way unusual or particular to the area – though I do not own any yet.  I have (so far) resisted the urge to go down the “get signs from all 50 states” rabbit hole.

The images below will link you either to more info about the sign, or to the full-size image.

New Jersey Signs


23″ die-cut US-NJ Route 46

16″ porcelain Public Service Bus Station marker

24″ cast iron guidepost
(Union County)

Two-sided 36″ ONE WAY sign from Newark

18″ NJ Turnpike
1970s Clifton sign that was posted close to my boyhood house – a gift from Ed Tapanes
16″ embossed porcelain Hunterdon County Route 517 (NOS)

New York Signs


Unknown Location Signs