Passaic River Cast Iron Sign

In September 2021, a north Jersey resident contacted me through the website offering to sell a pre-War Passaic River cast iron marker. I’d been wanting one of these signs for a long time, but had never seen one at a reasonable price. New Jersey posted these classy-looking signs at waterway crossings along state highways and also at state park entrances. Of all the rivers and creeks in New Jersey, the Passaic River is the one that I wanted most.

When I received it, the sign was very rusty, most of the paint was gone, and the base had been cut or broken off leaving a rough chunk of iron that would need to be removed. To get the refurbishment started on the right foot, I lugged the sign up to Ed Tapanes‘s place, and helped as he cut off the excess iron from the base, flap-disked it smooth, and drilled and tapped mounting holes. This fellow knows how to “get it done”! In the next to last last photo, the first coats of white were applied after much wire brushing, scraping and one application of Naval Jelly.