drawing by Eva Khoury

Hi there, this is Francis Khoury, and I welcome you to Garden State Signals.  This site is basically a nostalgic scrapbook of vintage traffic signs and signals, mostly from New Jersey, both on the street and in collections. Plus, there’s a bit of detailed info for the collectors in the audience.

New Jersey was always a busy state, with a big variety of early traffic control equipment. The antique signs and signals that I once saw from the passenger seat of my parents’ car are now virtually extinct, but I have managed to collect and even refurbish a few of them over the years. I can’t articulate very well why these objects have always appealed to me, but they simply have, and collecting, working on, and displaying them has been one of my more “Zen” outlets.

I hope you enjoy your visit and that you’ll come back soon, as I will be continually adding content.


In memory of Jesse Vallely

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