Welcome to Garden State Signals

In memory of Jesse Vallely

Hello, my name is Francis Khoury, and I’d like to welcome you to Garden State Signals, a nostalgic scrapbook of old traffic signs and signals from New Jersey.  The content of this site mostly boils down to photos of historic traffic equipment, but there are also a couple pages of historic and esoteric information for the benefit of the signal collectors in the audience.

I don’t know why old traffic lights and highway signs appeal to me so much, but the fascination goes back as far as I can remember. It’s just how I’m wired, you could say. I’ve been hooked on collecting, refurbishing and displaying antique street furniture since about 2001, when I acquired my first traffic light on eBay, an LFE signal from Valiant Surplus.  Since that time, it has been one of my more Zen-like hobbies.  I have made a few good friends along the way, too. Bottom line, I am grateful to have the freedom in my life to enjoy frivolous pastimes like this.

Another enjoyable facet of the hobby has been maintaining this website since 2018. Some of the old-time collectors may remember my original njsignals.com site, which I had going for a few years starting in 2003. I’m glad to be online again. I hope you enjoy your visit and that you’ll come back soon, as I will be continually adding content.