The Vintage New Jersey Highway Signs Gallery

This is a collection of images of vintage highway signs that have been saved from the scrap heaps and found their way into the hands of collectors over the years (i.e., not road photos). By and large, I am showing signs from before the 1961 MUTCD spec (with some interesting exceptions). These images are mostly culled from across the web, including from this site, AAroads, Alps Roads, Worthpoint, eBay and elsewhere. Collectors Ed Tapanes, Ben Kranefeld and Scott Hubbard sent me their shield images directly, which is much appreciated!

You can see that NJ Route 69 signs did indeed get stolen a lot.

State Routes

16″ Cast Aluminum (1920s-40s)

A New Jersey Highway 6 sign was sold online in recent years, but I don’t have any images of it.

18″ Cast Aluminum (1940s-50s)

20″ Green Diecut (approx. 1957-62)

Black Square (1961 MUTCD Spec)

US Routes

Cast Aluminum / Iron (pre 1950)

White Square (1948 MUTCD spec)

This is actually an Idaho US 30 sign, but New Jersey did use this spec for a while, and I assume a NJ US 30 sign would look the same. Included for reference.

23″ Green Diecut (approx. 1957-62)

Toll Roads

Mid-1950s precursors to the modern GSP sign.

This GSP sign was once in my collection. I had bought it without knowing there was writing on back from 1962.

County Routes

19″ Cast Iron

16″ Embossed Porcelain* (early 1950s)

A high ratio of Hunterdon County signs out there…including at least three NOS.

* The Mercer County 571 signs is painted steel, not porcelain.

Flat White Square (1960s – 70s?)

There is a very faded white square SOMERSET COUNTY 527 still in service near my house.