Green (1957-62) NJ Route 208 Marker

One of very few 20″ green NJ state route markers to have surfaced in the collecting community is this beauty for NJ Route 208. I am very grateful to the collector who alerted me to its presence on eBay.

These green signs were the NJ standard approximately 1957 to 1962. NJ Route 208 is 10 miles long, and almost entirely within Bergen County. It was originally planned to extend through the New Jersey Highlands region and link up with NY Route 208, but, thankfully, that never happened. As fond as I am of old traffic equipment, I’ll take woods over roads any day of the week.

I have always associated route 208 with the main Nabisco plant in Far Lawn (banner photo at the top of the page), which, sadly, closed down in 2021.

Above are the state route shields in my collection, in descending age order. I think the green shields look really cool with the reflective sheeting over non-reflective paint