Pedestrian Signals

Marbelite pedestrian buttonPedestrian signals seemed to be somewhat less common in New Jersey than in other parts of the country, at least in decades past.  Many intersections that were signalized without pedestrian signals included crosswalk buttons that instructed the pedestrian to WAIT FOR GREEN LIGHT, which is something I never quite got.  I suppose pressing the button notified the controller that a pedestrian was waiting, and perhaps the light changed a bit faster as a consequence.  It gave the waiting pedestrian something to do…



On the left is a late ’60s view from The Green in Morristown, with what appear to be Crouse-Hinds neon pedestrian signals (a rare find in the Garden State).  It was probably around this time that Jean Shepherd did a bit about Morristown on his WOR-AM radio show that I have on CD.




The photo to the right, taken in the 1970s in New Brunswick, shows an illuminated square WAIT lens.  These signals with overhead 12″ arrows were installed in New Brunswick probably in the late ’50s or early ’60s.  These ped signals were later replaced by fiber-optic DONT WALK units that I remember from  my days as a Rutgers student in the ’80s.