Tenafly AGA Signal

In 2020, collector John Rosenblatt made a splendid estate sale find in New Jersey. He scored an early 1930s single-face traffic signal by American Gas Accumulator. The seller informed John that the light was retired in the late 1960s from the corner of Knickerbocker & Clinton in Tenafly. The Google Street view of the intersection at the time of this writing shows signals are at least 50 years old, and one of the poles is a steel pole that predates the rest of the equipment, so the seller’s memory of the time and location could be accurate.

John cleaned and dismantled the light, and did some work to straighten a bent housing. He noticed that the original paint was silver (not surprising) and the latest coat of green was applied after the signal was removed from service.

The red and amber lenses are the original Cornings with an older, darker pigment. The photo on the left shows a more modern amber lens on left and the old amber lens from John’s signal on the right. The color of the older lens is more reminiscent of a beer bottle.

A new terminal block was installed before it was lit up again. This is just a wonderful piece of vintage Jersey signal goodness!