Cast Aluminum NJ Highway 27 Shield (1935 spec.)

This 1935-spec 16″ cast aluminum NJ State Highway 27 shield came to me in really nice condition, with no need for restoration. Route 27 used to extend from Newark to Trenton, but its southern terminus is now in Princeton. Like the cast iron guide sign I have, these early NJ State Highway shields seem to be scarce as hens’ teeth.

The back of this shield was originally painted white and was painted over in black sometime after being installed on its post. The photo below from Cranford in the 1930s shows several interesting signs, including cast aluminum NJ-28 and US-22 highway shields with their original white backs near the center of the photo (a front-facing pair is on the far right). US Route 22 was re-routed north of Cranford in 1941.