Old Marbelite from Hoboken

When the City of Hoboken upgraded the traffic signals along Washington Street in 2018, two of the oldest signals left in the state were finally retired. I had the privilege of helping install the city’s oldest light – the 1930s Horni signal from Washington & 1st – in the Hoboken Historical Museum.  The city’s second oldest light – the circa 1947 Marbelite cluster at Washington & 5th (above) – was given to us by the museum staff as a token of their appreciation for the aforementioned installation. We split up the cluster and I kept one of the heads for my collection.

Our signal cluster, along with a 1960s yellow Econolite signal cluster and some other signal equipment, was stashed away for us in a hidden corner of a Hoboken municipal parking garage for a couple weeks until Randy “3LiteGuy” Trezak and Mike Natale could come by to pick it all up.

Above, the cluster is dismantled at Randy’s place on Long Island.

After more than 70 years outdoors, all the original glass is still intact; not replaced due to damage or upgrade to LEDs. Incredibly, this light still has the door-mounted glass reflectors and “Mickey Mouse-ear” style brass wing nuts from its 1930s Horni ancestry. Very cool stuff! The original Kopp No. 66 lenses are also intact. Other than giving it a quick cleaning, the only work I did was to repair one broken visor screw and to replace the poorly-fitted replacement sockets with 3D-printed Marbelite-reproduction sockets made by collectors Matt Cornely and Larry Currie.