Marbelite Takes Over Horni

Marbelite Takes Over Horni Traffic Signal
March 10, 1947

Charles C. Lenz, President of the Marbelite Company, Inc., announces the purchase of the Traffic Signal Division of the Horni Signal Manufacturing Corporation. The complete division was moved to their New York City and Bridgeport, Connecticut, plants.


Charles C. Lenz

In November 1945, the Marbelite Company also acquired the Traffic Signal and Electrical Division of the Signal Service Corporation of Elizabeth and Irvington, New Jersey. With this new addition to the regular Marbelite traffic signal products, this company is now in a leading position to manufacture and furnish traffic signals and controllers of every type and specification. They will continue to manufacture the products of Horni and Signal Service as well as their own Marbelite signals and controllers.

Mr. Lenz is also President of the Atlas Safety Equipment Company. Inc., an associate company which manufactures the Atlas Life Saving Net, widely known and used by fire departments.

Text copied from The American City 1947-03: Vol 62 Iss 3