1930s GE Novalux

A great eBay find of mine back in 2004 or ’05, this “wide-hinge” solid cast Novalux from the mid 1930s came to me in nearly perfect shape, already stripped of paint, except for the visors.  I can’t recall if I had the sockets rewired or if a previous owner did it.   The GE Holophane lenses with older-spec dark red, amber and green, and the brass tag on the back are clues to this being an earlier example of this style of Novalux.

I painted it and mounted it to a post with a Highway Signal & Sign Co octagonal base.  I ended up selling it to a friend, along with the post. Kinda wish I hadn’t sold it, but it is in good hands. Fifteen years after selling this Novalux, I picked up a two-lamp Novalux .