8″ WAIT-WALK Pedestrian Signal

The oldest pedestrian signals that saw widespread use were implemented by putting 8″ WAIT and WALK lenses into the same housings used for vehicular signals.

I didn’t buy a WAIT-WALK signal off the street, rather, I  put one together with two spare Marbelite ca. 1950 8″ housings that I had on the shelf.  I traded some spare lenses for the Kopp WAIT and WALK lenses, and I added a repro cast aluminum finial which looks just right as a topper.  I dig this light; it’s a particularly great one for indoor display.

This signal is actually a mash-up coming from quite a few sources!

  • The Marbelite housings came from Ryan in California.
  • The 7″-long Marbelite style visors are repros made by Steve Tutty in Colorado.
  • The repro cast aluminum finial came from Larry in Detroit.
  • The ped lenses came from Jay in Ohio.
  • The aluminum P&K post and Marbelite slip-fitter came (a long time ago!) from Phil at Twin Green in New York.