Signs & Stuff

This page is a collection of old signs and other nifty odds and ends found on the streets of New Jersey.



This was the original design of the GSP shield in 1954.  A rare piece that I’d love to have…  Photo grabbed from eBay many years ago.  I have never seen this style of GSP shield in any other photos.


A small copy of one of my lost images from the original NJ Signals website, this older style School Crossing sign in Nutley is flanked by a pair of even older Crouse-Hinds Type D beacons.  This photo was probably taken back in 2003 or so.  I don’t know if it is still there.

Street Lamps


Another copy of a NJ Signals image, the finial-topped GE traffic light may be gone, but as far as I know, South Orange still maintains its 19th century gas lamps.  I’d love it if they relied on the gas lamps alone.  There’s enough ambient light in New Jersey that you could almost get away with it in many places.

Updated 4 May 2018