NJ Route 69 Shield (1953-1956)

New Jersey Route 69, running 49 miles from Trenton northward to US Route 46 in Buttzville (oh, the irony!), was designated in the 1953 NJ state highway renumbering. Prior to 1953, it was known as NJ Route 30, but it was changed to 69 to avoid confusion with US Route 30 in southern NJ. I suppose it didn’t take long, but coveted Route 69 signs started being stolen off the road in enough numbers that, by 1967, NJ Route 69 was re-designated as NJ Route 31.

This shield is 18″ round cast aluminum, and was made sometime between 1953 and 1956, when the state switched over to flat green aluminum signs.

I am sure I have a stolen 69 shield, as I was told that this was originally owned by a college student in the 1950s. As you can see, it is awesome shape.