1930s GE Novalux 2-Lamp Signal

Around 2008, I sold a beautiful 1930s “wide hinge” GE Novalux to one of my friends. I always missed that signal, and in early 2020, I bought an unusual 2-lamp version Novalux from a collector in Iowa. Another less-common aspect of this signal is that it has steel visors. It is in excellent shape, apparently with the original paint, but it did not come with its original GE Holophane lenses ~ which are among my favorite variety of signal lenses. Finding them was likely to take some time, and a little extra wallet stretching beyond what I already laid out for the signal, but I lucked out when I won a raffle for two red Holophanes on the Highway Divides forum. Selling the extra red and buying a green was a piece of cake.

For a while, I had it paired up with my NYC red-green signal.